Baby Wedge Pillow


Perfect Baby Wedge Pillow 

Your baby can enjoy comfort and support anywhere thanks to this innovative Bedding Baby Wedge Pillow.

The mattress is made from several layers of premium padding with a high-support foam base, a cooling memory foam layer, an inner knit fabric cover and an ultra-soft polyester layer.

The removable bamboo cover is waterproof, allergen-free and dust-mite resistant. Washable cover.

The pillow sits at a 15-degree angle to elevate your baby’s head and improve sleep, reduce spit-ups, and relieve congestion.

You can use the pillow during feeding time, but also while playing and relaxing at daycare, while camping, or at a picnic. Enjoy the freedom to relax safely with Baby Wedge Pillow.

Ergonomic contoured design
Cool gel memory foam surface
High-density base foam
Soft and supportive
Cool and breathable
Skin-friendly cover
Waterproof cover
Removable bamboo fabric
Machine washable cover
Dust mite resistant
Easy storage
Suitable for most portable cots

12 months warranty comes.


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