Manual Breast Pump – Mininor


Manual Breast Pump from the major Danish brand 

Experience a convenient & comfortable breast pumping experience with Mininor.

Adjustable suction settings, lightweight & newborn teat.

This comfortable, compact and lightweight manual breast pump from Mininor only weighs 100 grams and is great for on the go.

Pump has two phase settings; stimulation or pump action, to imitate a baby’s sucking action. This breast pump also has adjustable suction power vial a dial for top efficiency and comfort.

A small handle makes it easy to use and hold, whether you’re left or right handed.

Closed system pump for maximum hygiene.

1 x manual pump
1 x 160ml collection bottle with cap, hood and newborn teat
1 x bottle stand
2 x two funnels (25 mm and 28 mm)
2 x milk valves
1 x cotton storage bag.

Mininor is a trusted brand by hospitals in Denmark.

12 month warranty
12 Month Guarantee Icon Green

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