Oricom Guardian Plus Wearable Sleep Tracker & Smart Soother – OBHGPLUS


Smart Sleep Monitoring is here! – Wearable Tracker 

This sleek wearable product tracks your baby’s sleep quality and provides an array of wellness and activity indicators, including Blood Oxygen Level, Heart Rate, Body Temperature change, and Movement!

The device’s soft fabric strap is adjustable to ensure a comfortable and secure fit onto the child’s ankle.

Find true peace of mind, as you easily understand how well your baby has slept through the long nights, by looking at the data and sleep quality report generated in the HubbleClub for Partners App.

The wireless Audio Monitor plays a lullaby or audiobook on the high-quality speaker, and it has a Charging Doc for the wearable Guardian Monitor.

This also works as Smart Soother that creates a calm & relaxing ambience. You can select from 7 different night light colours to soothe your baby to sleep in the perfect nursery environment.

The device also features a Smart sleep trainer to instill healthy waking habits.

Push-to-talk ConnectChat button

Charging doc on the Audio Monitor for the wearable Guardian Monitor

2 year Warranty